and equipment,
to build barrels in harmony with wine.

Our story

Centuries of expertise

Between history and modernization, each barrel
and cask produced, reflects a family philosophy that is part of our DNA.

Discover the history of Dargaud et Jaeglé, from its creation to the present day.

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Photo de fûts fabriqués par Tonnellerie Dargaud & Jaegle

Our expertise

Fabrication de fûts par Tonnellerie Dargaud & Jaegle

Dargaud et Jaeglé, a unique expertise!

Since its founding in 1921, Dargaud et Jaeglé has upheld the idea that maturing wine in oak barrels should be done with the greatest respect for the fruit, the terroir, and the art of the winemaker.

A process that begins in the heart of the forest and concludes in our workshops.

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Our products

Barrels, casks, and vats

We help you select our barrels and large format tanks with the goal of enhancing your wines!

Discover our unique selection process to create a fully customized barrel that harmonize perfectly with your wines.