Our products

Large Casks

Dargaud et Jaeglé also has a flexible production facility dedicated to producing large, custom-made Oak Casks, adhering to the fundamental principles of the trade.
We combine this tradition with innovation in a modern workshop, utilizing a unique toasting/milling process that allows the wine to express its fruit, terroir, and enhance the winemaker’s style.

Custom production

Flexibility to meet our customers’ needs and constraints (available space in the cellar, geometry and aesthetics of existing large casks to ensure visual uniformity in the winery, etc…).

Digital referencing of all our staves to ensure they can be replaced throughout the life of our casks or vats using innovative and proprietary digital production tools.

Photo d'une cave avec des foudres fabriqués par Dargaud & Jaegle

Support for our customers
from their initial project to commissioning,
so that they can benefit from our extensive experience.

We also offer configurations and accessories tailored to the needs of each project, as well as customization of large casks with:
• Taps
• Temperature regulation
• Wedging
• Doors and hatches
• Stainless steel top for tanks
• …

Vue sur des foudres par Dargaud & Jaegle